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4 good Reasons

Why an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Decentral & transparent crowd investing.

Digital legal shares / Various Tokens.

For everybody: Very small invests are possible.


Easy & fast accessible investing.

We enable a successful crypto funding for your future business!



ICO Full Service

The ICO Manufaktur supports us since the beginning of our ICO. They support us especially for process guidance, business development & whitepaper execution, token strategy and our token development. In terms marketing strategy and implementation BCS is a great support as well.

Christian Sprajc , SCU GmbH , Image Rund -

Christian Sprajc – CEO SCU GmbH

Smart Contract Audit

We searched for a good & experienced Review-Team with a great amount of expertise to help us to review our Smart Contract. The review with ICO Manufaktur / Blockchain Solutions worked in-time and with high quality. We have been very satisfied! Thank you!

André Wendt - UnitedCrowd - Image Rund

André Wendt – UnitedCrowd

Blockchain and ICO Workshop

We thought about the blockchain and ICO subject as something very futuristic but interesting for quite a while now. In fact we wanted to know if an implementation into our current workflow would be possible and smart. Moritz Stumpf showed us our opportunities and what we can do or should not do in a very well organised workshop. We are looking forward to work with him and his team again.

Philipp Jansen - Lühr Filter - Image Rund -

Philipp Jansen – Lühr Filter

6 gOOD ReasONS

Why an ICO With ICO Manufaktur?

Everything from a single source.

From the idea, to the planning
until the successful funding of the ICO.

We offer the entire process from idea generation and business & blockchain model planning, token economics, distribution & marketing, investor relations & digital natives for your success.

ICO – Best practices.

In order to move forward quickly, we can rely on various best practices and information sources.

We help various ICOs & Blockchain projects succeed, gaining valuable experience and best practices to help you succeed.

We are on the pulse of time.

We have recognized the gigantic potential of
ICO’s already today.

Through our daily work with state-of-the-art blockchain and ICO topics, we generate state-of-the-art expertise and implement it directly within our clients’ projects.

More hands, more strength.

Our team is always expanded through ambitious and talented new team members.

These are immediately integrated as full members and support hands-on active projects through their previous experience.

Strong expert network.

With strong partners in our back for the
success of our customers.

To provide the best experts for the entire ICO process, we work with well-selected partners to help our clients serve the best for their success.

Onboarded teams ready to go.

We cover all the necessary areas for the
success of your ICO.

You do not have to search for an entire ICO team for a successful ICO. Based on the current projects we have experienced and onboarded teams – ready to support your project.

Our 4 ICO phases


Social Media

Follow our social media channels to stay up to date on all information and get in contact with us!

Blockchain Solutions Logo -

Blockchain Solutions GmbH is our umbrella brand. While we at ICO Manufaktur focus on the support and execution of ICOs and ICO specific topics, Blockchain Solutions GmbH takes over all other tasks related to use case development and the implementation of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Are you looking for an experienced Blockchain Partner? Contact Blockchain Solutions!




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